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    The Laboratory provides services in respect of researching kerosene products, hydraulic fluids and environmental protection based on state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and research methods.

    In accordance with the current standards we conduct research of lubricating oils – engine and transmission oils, hydraulic oils, naval fuels, water quality and morphology of liquids and dusts.

    Our staff is a professional personnel of laboratory and scientists of the Szczecin Maritime Academy with practical experience who guarantee a high quality of services.

    The Laboratory allows the Szczecin Maritime Academy to use its scientific and research potential for performance of complex study in respect of:

    • Hydraulic oils in any use – full scope of study (physical and chemical properties, quality, purity, usability for further operation);
    • Lubricating oils – full scope of usage study (physical and chemical properties, including lubricity, quality, purity, usability for further operation, variation monitoring);
    • Transformer oils (physical and chemical properties, quality, purity, usability for further operation);
    • Fuels for automatic-ignition engines naval, automobile, traction,

    (analysis of quality, composition, morphology, pollution, dusting quality, physical and chemical properties, operation advisory);

    • Study for natural environment protection;
    • Water pollution with petroleum-derivative substances – gas chromatography;
    • Analysis of exhaust gases in industrial power facilities – full scope.

    Based on analysis of study results we give out recommendations and guidelines in respect of operation of devices

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